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What is TKC?

TKC is the nations leader in Goalkeeper Specific Showcasing Events. We specialize in providing a platform for keepers to turbocharge their recruiting journey to college or the pro's. With a combination of game realistic scenarios in a drill form, event streaming, and a professionally developed highlight reel, we help maximize the recruiting potential for each keeper attending The Keeper Combine.

TKC has developed relationships with a wide range of Collegiate and Professional Soccer programs, both domestically and overseas. Each GK that chooses to attend a TKC event will have our full arsenal of exposure at their disposal.

TKC presents extremely valuable showcasing time for each keeper. Both in the form of a highlight reel to send to recruiters, and also direct contact with potentially hundreds of coaches in our network.

Each TKC Event has multiple stations representing a particular game scenario. It could be crosses, diving, 1v1's or a slew of others. Each group will work their way through each station, similar to how they train at a regular GK session. Shortly after the event, keepers will be presented with their own highlight reel, compiled by our on site videographers.

The Keeper Combine is focused on 2 factors. Maximizing each keepers exposure. As well as promoting convenience and efficiency for each recruiter to be able to assess a large number of eligible keepers in a short period of time.

Matt Skinner

National Director

Glenn Walton

Associate National Director

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